Jewish Cemetery, Krakow, Poland
Young Redtail Hawk, Nisky Hill Cemetery
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Easton Cemetery, Easton, Pennsylvania
The cemetery borders on the left flank of Omaha Beach, and overlooks the sector where the 1st Division landed on D Day.
Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
Colleville-sur-Mer, France
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Path through a Jewish cemetery
Krakow, Poland
Gravestone Wall
"In the Name of the Father..."
Laurel Hill Cemetery ~ Philadelphia, PA
"Quiet...Save the Roaring Silence of the Dead"
Laurel Hill Cemetery ~ Philadelphia, PA
"Living in the Past"
Funerary Towers of Palmyra, Syria
"Symmetrical Rows of Souls..."
Northern China
"Worldly Glow of the Afterlife...Another Time..."
"Soviet Symbolism..."
"This Life, or the Next..."
"Until the Morrow..."